My Biggest Secret: I Am a Teenage Gambling Addict

Bright futures always wait for me, for I am an elementary valedictorian; wise, clever, intelligent, intellectual and hard working boy; making my self one of those great students of my time.

Notwithstanding, due by the influence of my family; a gambler father, brothers and sister, I can only comprehend to them by doing such things too. 

When my cousins play cards, curiosity struck me. I joined them at a young age. I could never forget, of why destiny let me win that time being as first-timer. I feel much happier, even for that small amount. Over time, this passion of mine increased and I started with online pokerv. This is where I started betting online on different games and played several online games that were equally engaging. 

I do always think this way; If they could why not me? So I started massive gambling at that time. Playing here, playing there, playing anywhere, knowing that my playmates are all at the stage of parenthood.

Every time I play gambling, I always cheat, lied, and steal to have money, betting an amount which doesn’t belong to me, burning my young soul to the fire of hell.

Those vice get even more worse that I couldn’t quit for it. I think something tied up my mind. I tried to pull it out, but I couldn’t.

It ruined my whole life now. My bright future becomes dull- I made silly things in order to keep it alive, I had cutting classes just to play it, I dropped almost all of my subjects and again I lied, I cheat, I steal.

Yes, I need an advice for that time, for I’m lost in the dark. I need someone to pull me out there. Until I realized that we have our own deity, yes he throws abundance of light unto me, saving me from that worst nightmare.

I have the calmness of my mind at that time, I stopped those vices. I am now at the hand of my divinity.

I planned too many good deeds, not only for me but for my whole family. I am changing now. But another big problem struck my life again, my handicap father; who was at bed for several years due to high blood pressure, got unto the hospital again for his illness gave him to many complications; lungs, heart, brain, and the worst of all is in his kidney, making him comatose at the hospital.

Anyone glancing his way would have seen no change in his appearance. His eyes were still closed and he breathed with the regularity of sleep. He did not even stir. Nonetheless, he was awake. There was a time when I have to mumble on the conscious part of his brain saying, it may never happen if we have money for those times that we have nothing at all. I prayed and prayed for the revival of his health until he lost his pitting breath.

I do say to my self, I need to become one of those rich people even of my age right now. To do that thing I need to think of something that will immediately make me like those. Gambling may be the answer: when I will bet money for the lottery, maybe I could win and I will become wealthy. In the beginning, I played only a small amount next was double, again and again, but I didn’t win even a single centavo. All my money had gone. So I decided to lie, cheat and steal again for that silly thing-gambling.

It made me even worst, I am now betting five times or more than the usual way. I now steal a bigger amount from the piggy bank of my mother-again and again and again.

I do promise to return that money that I steal after I will win to that lottery. But I didn’t. I lose over and over again, making that quantity bigger and bigger until it had gone to such a sum that I couldn’t pay.

Yes, there is always plenty of time to stop. But this chain of addiction got me up. Destroying my future, keeping it far away from me.

Better than I am 15 when I’ve been addicted to gambling because there so much time to sow. Just always remember that the first time always lasts a lifetime, that you could not easily stop it.

My secret is always a secret for me; even the world will know, it for I am the one who suffered its consequences and I’m the one who makes it happened.

Sally is a professional copywriter with an experience of 15+ years. She wishes to share her keen knowledge of the online gaming world. Besides that, she loves watching sci-fi movies and is a tech enthusiast.