What are the Advantages Of Online Casinos?

For those individuals who love to gamble, enjoying online casinos and casino games is like a heavenly option. They no longer need to take a vacation and travel to faraway places to enjoy the excitement and thrill of gambling. Moreover, the online gambling options provide people with several more opportunities when compared to the physical […]

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How to Make Money Betting on Sports

Table Etiquette at a Casino Poker Game

Sedgwick County, Kansas, Voters Said NO to a Destination Casino

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What are the Advantages Of Online Casinos?

For those individuals who love to gamble, enjoying online casinos and casino games is like a heavenly option. They no longer need to take a vacation and travel to faraway places to enjoy the excitement and thrill of gambling. Moreover, the online gambling options provide people with several more opportunities when compared to the physical […]

Sports Betting Tip Info » Tennis Tips

How to Make Money Betting on Sports


Table Etiquette at a Casino Poker Game

With the explosion of popularity of poker with the American public and worldwide thanks to the World Series Of Poker, many new players are visiting casinos. When visiting a casino many want to join a poker game quickly, knowing poker etiquette at a casino can help. Many new poker players might have only played the […]

Sedgwick County, Kansas, Voters Said NO to a Destination Casino

Betting on NHL Games Harder This Year Than Any Other

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What are the Advantages Of Online Casinos?

For those individuals who love to gamble, enjoying online casinos and casino games is like a heavenly option. They no longer need to take a vacation and travel to faraway places to enjoy the excitement and thrill of gambling. Moreover, the online gambling options provide people with several more opportunities when compared to the physical casinos. However, before you commence your search for such online gaming options, you need to understand the rules and regulations that guide its use. Primarily, only an individual who is over twenty-one years old can play these games. Nonetheless, you can enjoy several benefits when you

Sports Betting Tip Info » Tennis Tips

How To Do Backhand In Tennis- Tips and TricksHow to do backhand in tennis? The backhand usually the problem shot for most people after they learn how to do a forehand but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of little things one can do to adjust his stroke to make his backhand as beautiful and accurate as players like Federer, Gasquet, and Nalbandian. I’m going to discuss how to do backhand in tennis with the one handed backhand because it is in my opinion a little more rewarding. Prepare as early as possible. This means that as soon

How to Make Money Betting on Sports

Betting on sports is something that has been going on for quite a long time. However, over time the perception has begun to change. No longer is it looked at as something done by dishonest people in the backrooms of bars. The deals have moved from smoke-filled pool halls to our computer screens. Due to this prolific rise in sports betting many are wondering if a living can be made doing it, and the answer is yes. Betting on sports has the potential to make you a lot of money. You could be looking at clearing enough money to quite your

Table Etiquette at a Casino Poker Game

With the explosion of popularity of poker with the American public and worldwide thanks to the World Series Of Poker, many new players are visiting casinos. When visiting a casino many want to join a poker game quickly, knowing poker etiquette at a casino can help. Many new poker players might have only played the game at home with a group of friends. Chances are the etiquette at their home game can be very different than at the casino. Others might have just watched poker on television. Again, what you see on television for the World Series Of Poker can

Sedgwick County, Kansas, Voters Said NO to a Destination Casino

On Tuesday, August 7, Sedgewick County voters chose to not allow a casino to be built in this county in Kansas. Since this was a two-part vote on casinos and slot machines in Sedgwick County, the second part of the voting disallowed slot machines in the Wichita Greyhound Park. Since both parts of the casino issue were voted down by the residents in this county in Kansas, the Wichita Greyhound Park will be closing its doors in 90 days due to a lack of interest from the citizens of the area. The Wichita Greyhound Park will be the fourth business to

Betting on NHL Games Harder This Year Than Any Other

I was wrong. It's a hard thing to admit, but I was. In direct contrast to my previous statements in an article leading up to this one entitled "Betting on NHL Games Harder This Year Than Any Other", hockey teams all around the NHL that have previously been pushed aside (some almost being pushed and moved into different hockey markets) due to their performance, or lack thereof, are still becoming powerhouses in the hockey world. Betting in the hockey world has not become easier by any stretch of the imagination. Phoenix and Ottawa are prime examples of this, as both

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Casino Games- Play Accurately with Friends

Now this ought to be an interesting discussion as it involves a huge form of entertainment that has been dominating the human psyche since its inception and it is a privilege for anyone to talk about it in high terms.

Everyone enjoy to have a hang out with friends to take some time out of their busy work schedule for a good round of poker or cards to set your mind at rest, which is nothing bad to do as most people think.

For adults, the regular ones are of no use as they prefer games that have pretty high stakes involved, which is the form of entertainment that they enjoy the most.

Game Changer

Today our discussion will be about casino games and how most people enjoy spending time in casinos, especially businessmen, who anyhow invest billions in their business as they consider life itself as a big gamble. Do you think they will hesitate to stake some part of their earnings at this place?

Some important ones that immediately come to mind are as follows:

  • Slot machines are the first that come to mind where you have to insert a coin and pull the lever where if you get three identical numbers then you win a small fortune depending on how high you have put your stakes and slot online terpercaya is quite popular in the US

  • Bingo is another one that has stood the test of time and needs no introduction and can be played on your smartphones as well
  • Mobile games like Candy crush saga, Dave the hunter, Minesweeper are still played by people in large numbers but experts like Media Kix have predicted that poker and black jack are going to be played by almost 80% of the world population by 2024, which is going to be true given the increase in numbers every year

“LA Noire” and Company Blog

For many years there have been game companies and websites such as Baba Poker88 are competing for the best visual game. Now from the ‘80s to now, all the games have gotten more advanced and they seem more and more realistic. Although people do say that the more realistic it looks the better it is, well that’s wrong. I f you had a game that looks too realistic you get bored of it quicker. Now LA Noire is a nonrealistic art, where it looks more cartoony than GTA 4. The detail they put in these games is unbelievable, in fact, every pixel is detailed right down to… Well, what is smaller on a TV screen. 

The game companies are becoming OCD with the amount of detail in a game. With LA Noire you think about the scale of the map, it’s GIGANTIC!!! And you think to yourself how do they have so much detail on every building and object on every street all over the map. Well there’s not one person who doesn’t know the answer, companies have smaller companies that do different things and it takes a whole building to design the art of the game because all the people need their own space to work. Now although your thinking, “Hang on it’s all on-screen”. Well, that’s where you’re wrong. All games are drawn on paper first to decide what the objects and people are going to look like. But how much paper do they use? They must use a hell of a lot of paper for the amount of detail the game has.

LA Noire was brought out by Rockstar Corporation a gigantic gaming industry widely popular for making games like Grand Theft Auto. But before they were called Rockstar they were called DMA Design, they were the people who created Lemmings, so they went from that to what they have now. It’s awe-inspiring to know that a company that has been here before I was born, is still going now and probably doing better than it ever did. LA Noire is a next-gen game, they show you how much they can pack into a game. Soon they will be that many games using umpteen discs that we all start losing it. Well if we look to the future we see that the internet is getting faster and easier, so everything we need we can download and play. So if we want to play a game you don’t need all the DVD’s, we just buy them from the internet and download them. It will save a lot of money for the big gaming industries, also it will be better for the earth as well. Another thing about LA Noire is that you control the layout of the game, you have different options and settings to be able to play it your way. In the future, games will have endless options that it would be like virtual reality. Really though, you can have as many options as you like on a game, it’s all binary. There are endless options to where the 0’s and 1’s to go. LA Noire is an example of that.

When LA Noire came out it was expensive, now the reason for this is things cost more nowadays and you have to come to terms with it. Now, remember in the last paragraph where I said that when the internet gets fast enough all our games will be downloadable. Well in the future games will become cheaper as well because there won’t be any packaging or shipping costs. Which really is a blow to the transit companies.

LA Noire is an excellent game, it keeps us occupied when we need to waste some time. Although games are becoming the number one way to spend time on. It is keeping us from traveling outside into the world. We also sit at TV’s too often and end up getting fat eating while playing. Well, it’s only your fault if you’re like that, nothing to do with the games industry. You have your own choices if you want to sit at a games console all day so be it. Games companies get battered with complaints from parents cause their children to sit at their computer all day playing games. Where they should turn the computer off if he/she is playing too much. Now in every box of any game, they tell you a warning about playing for long periods of time, that it is bad for you, and can cause medical problems. If that’s not a good enough warning then I don’t know what is. LA Noire has the graphics that if you stare at it too much you end up getting the sick cause of the amount of bright radiating light going into your eyes. It is not the Games companies fault. It is Yours!! Right, you got that, well let’s move on then.

For us, games are becoming friends for us. They always keep us occupied and they never let you down. Well, they do let you down if you don’t look after it properly. All discs have a protective layer and if you destroy that your disc is liable to scratches and even more damage. When it’s all computerized then you can never worry about discs ever again but until then… Games are getting more gruesome, LA Noire always has blood in every scene. Also, naked people are always found on crime scenes. This is all they need to do to get someone to buy their game. They know that people will do anything for violence and pornography. Well, you think that it doesn’t bother you… Well, that’s wrong again some game has mentally attached themselves on people mind and sent them mentally. But that’s because they spent all their time on the game. Now I am not trying to spoil your fun but give the game companies a chance, will you? All they want is for you to play in moderation and to have rested in-between, it’s always the game companies that get shouted at about obesity and crime, etc. But we don’t take responsibility ourselves. It’s only entertainment, not a life job, so keep your playing time small but spaced and also enjoy them and not get frustrated, as the game companies get rich off your enjoyment, they make more games like LA Noire to feed your enjoyment more, and it keeps recycling like that. Remember it’s you that has to stop when you need to, not anyone else. Thanks for Reading

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Review

Over the weekend I downloaded and played the new content for Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage and also tried Domino99 Online for fun online games. And I was not disappointed at all by both of them. Here in this article, I will tell you about my experience of Fallout 3 in detail. 

The bulk of the new stuff is a simulation of a famous battle from the Fallout universe lore, namely the reclamation of Anchorage, Alaska from the Chinese. This is cloaked in a mission you do for the Outcasts and takes place in a VR pod.

In order to access the content, you start up your game and play for a bit; soon you’ll find a new radio signal which is broadcasting an Outcast distress call. Upon responding, you fight your way through a very familiar-feeling swarm of super mutants (the only real difference its the Outcasts and not the Brotherhood this time) and are granted access to an Outcast stronghold in the ruins of DC.

You enter and talk to the man in charge, and he tells you that your PIP-BOY has some kind of magic technology that will allow them to open a door in their base (which has stuff behind it and somehow can’t be opened despite looking like every other door in the game). But for some reason, you have to play a VR game first.

And it can kill you.

But you bought the damn content so to hell with in-game logic, we’re talking about fighting the Red Chinese Menace here! So you go sit in this pod and after a pretty cool light show you appear on a frozen cliff, next to some dude I’ll call “Mr. Generically Badass Sidekick” (or Mr. Gibbs for short).

Mr. Gibbs tells you that you have to go take out some artillery. You have a knife and a 10 mm pistol. So far, so good.

He then scales the cliff next to you and is out of the picture for a bit.

Moving forward, you shoot some Chinese soldiers and see a magic red propane tank that refills your health to full when you activate it. These are everywhere.

Eventually, you get some better guns (soldiers disappear in static after they fall, so you don’t collect stuff form corpses in the simulation), and find a magic ammo dispenser that also glows red. These are everywhere.

Now comes the cool part. You have new guns; a Chinese assault rifle and a brand new piece of badass called the Gauss Rifle, which is pretty much a rail gun combined with a sniper rifle that takes microfusion cell ammo. Not only is this totally awesome, but it also does huge damage and knocks enemies flat on their asses (if you get a good hit in). You also have charges.

So you run out along some cliff faces, up and down some platforms, and you see these huge ass guns that you blow up (which is sweet) and you fight some crazy Chinese dudes in stealth armor with sniper rifles (which gets old quick) and then Mr. Gibbs (did I mention he joins back up with you?) tells you “Good job, let’s go talk to the general.”

Load screen!

The general informs you that some random colonel has died and you’ve been field promoted into his role as the leader of a suicide squad (hooray!). You talk to a requisitions guy and get outfitted with gear and tags, which you use to select your team.

This is actually pretty slick; Fallout is definitely not a good squad-based tactical shooter, but for its purposes what they accomplish here is quite good. Your team can be as basic as a group of infantrymen or can include missile launching soldiers and robots with flame throwers. After picking a team and a weapon loadout, you talk to the quartermaster, get your gear, and head to your targets.

A note, here: save before you talk to the quartermaster because you can speech him into giving you a gauss rifle and its definitely probably a good idea.

There are three missions you must achieve at this point; taking out some vehicle depot (which is cool); clearing out a listening post of soldiers (which got a bit annoying), and storming the main base after taking out a pulse-field (pretty fucking sweet). The simulation ends with you and a team of power-armor clad soldiers running into the central courtyard of the base, and you confronting the Chinese general (who has a sword which is covered in lightning). He dies, the simulation ends.

You come back into the real world and open up the room, and low and behold, you have a bunch of gear waiting, including all the new equipment you saw (and couldn’t pick up) in the simulation. While you’re looting and salivating over your new power armor and gauss rifle, some Outcast guy yells at Outcast boss about some crap I didn’t care about (or have any knowledge of beforehand anyway), and they start shooting, and you kill a bunch of ’em. W00t, congrats, you saved the day, and the surviving Outcasts still treat you like crap.

But you have sexy new stuff!

I guess this means it’s analysis time. Overall I’d say I enjoyed Operation: Anchorage. It was definitely too easy for something clearly meant for higher-level players, and it wouldn’t have hurt to make it another way to gain the Power Armor Training perk, but still, it was fun! The levels were laid out pretty well, the new equipment is solid, the team aspect was cool (although they seemed pretty useless for the most part), and the missions were solid. There are some easter eggs to find, and the new environment was a nice break from the gunmetal grey of DC or the brown of the wasteland.

It definitely left me wishing more of the main game had been like that. But that doesn’t mean it’s without its flaws.

The auto-fill system for health and the auto-fill system for ammo are both good and bad. It keeps the flow going, but it kind of makes the battles too easy. The gauss rifle is definitely cool, but it also is a one-shot weapon, which means that against anything mildly quick you’re at a bit of a disadvantage (unless you kill it outright or knock it flat). I found that after a while I stopped using it in favor of faster, short-range guns (like the combat shotgun) because it was simply too dangerous to use. But its a hell of a step up from the sniper rifle.

The power armor situation was very disappointing, too, because you can’t seem to wear it. My guess is that if you’ve already gained the perk for power armor you can requisition it, but it seemed kind of silly to have a tent full of it and none of it was available for you. I mean they ask you to storm a fortified area filled with the elite of the elite Chinese soldiers, and you have basic combat armor.

It also suffers from the issues of the main game: average to poor writing. Given the nature of their world, it’s hard to make things engaging without a lot of player input, but still, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to help out the Outcasts other than out of the goodness of your heart, and Mr. Gibbs (while amusing and seemingly invincible) is nothing that memorable; in fact, I don’t remember anyone’s name. I just didn’t care enough to commit it to memory.

It also only took me a few hours to play all of it; which I guess is to be expected for DLC, but at 10 bucks, I kinda would a bit more. Still, that’s me nit-picking.

So if I had to sum up, I’d say that I was mostly satisfied by Operation: Anchorage. The missions are fun, the new gear is cool, and it is more Fallout! For you numeric rating lovers out there I’d give it 7 out of 10, or a Solid rating.

Retro Video Game Review: Castlequest (NES)

With the gaming world full of interactive games there are hundreds of games that are released every year. You have Online Casinos Indonesia and online casinos that are also developing every year allowing this industry to grow even more. We now have Castlequest (NES) which is a really good and fun game that you can try.

Overall Rating: 1.5/5 Stars

Produced by the team of ASCII Entertainment and Nexoft for the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) home video game console in 1989, Castlequest has an astoundingly in-depth storyline detailed in its instruction manual concerning the usually captured princess in an intricate castle owned by an evil overlord that our heroic white male protagonist must save through a seemingly endless series of foe-vanquishing, key-searching, door-unlocking, trap-avoiding, problem-solving, and general puzzle-platformer hybrid action.


The player controls Prince Rafael, a small but cutesily animated sprite entering an enormous black-background castle of many puzzling rooms. The A button jumps, the B button holds a dagger out that can kill certain enemies that run into it, and the directional pad determines which way he walks. There are dozens upon dozens of rooms to explore, most spanning more than a screen-wide, and actually allowing the player to look back and forth across the room before beginning to actually enter it. Through a long series of getting colored keys, unlocking matching doors, avoiding enemies, using lifts, pushing blocks, making precision jumps, and other classic platforming challenges, Rafael must reach the Fairies and Princess Margarita.

The playstyle is similar to Solomon’s Key, though more expansive and not confined to a single screen at a time per challenge. The player is given 50 lives to start out with, which is never a good sign. Also, certain commands entered on the second controller allow the player to restart a room or go back a room entirely since it is very possible to get stuck. Using a key at the wrong time can actually make the game impossible to continue. Even the instruction booklet says that this can be a “very difficult game.” In some ways, this is a simple title: There is no time limit, so you can take your time, and tackle everything as you see fit and ready to. You are also encouraged to create your own map for your progress. On the other side of the coin, though, this truly is a tedious, arduous, monumental task, if the goal is true completion.


The laterally oriented tile-based graphics look nice enough, somewhat like a harmless old shareware PC game like F. Godmom or similar. The animations are simple, clean-cut, though a little stilted in the case of some of the lifts, which actually affects gameplay as the player must wait, patiently, slowly, for a while before being able to board or exit. The keys and doors certainly are different colors, and at least there are no flickering or slowdown issues to be found in the abyss of the Castlequest.


The sound effects are quick, basic, one-channel, little buzzes and beeps and things. The background music is a somewhat watered-down, repetitive ditty that grows old quickly and can be annoying. While it does utilize a couple of channels of synth, it is not a skillfully composed track and does not do much for the inspiration.


Castlequest, in a sense, can be thought of as a conglomeration of other platformers but without retaining any true sense of provocative identity. It evokes the era and grueling quest of Gauntlet, but without the frenzied action and tense survival. It presents the side-view platformer level-by-level puzzling of Fire ‘n’ Ice, but without the carefully crafted, well-planned challenge of each room, being seemingly much more haphazard in nature. It has the back-and-forth, multi-level traveling of Mighty Bomb Jack or Mappy-Land, but without the more imaginative combat or stage objectives. It has some of the feels of a dungeon crawler, but completely devoid of any developing RPG elements or otherwise. This is a flat, overworked, treadmill of a game, that finds the matching key for a star and a half out of five.

Duke Nukem Forever Review

Well maybe ‘dead’ is a bit much but the series has pretty much breathed its last with the release of the long awaited Duke Nukem Forever. As many know the game has been in the works for the past 14 years for quite a few reasons and many never expected it to actually be released. I was shocked at first to see all the scathing review I saw coming in all unanimously giving it a poor rating. I thought “It can’t possible be that bad for a game 14 years in the making.” Boy, was I wrong.

Here’s the short and blunt version: It sucks.

Here’s the long version: It is certainly not the worst game ever created but it’s not a true Duke Nukem title. It’s more like a Duke Nukem title after another developer picks it up and screws up the formula that made the originals so good.

Here are just a couple of things Gearbox allegedly got wrong:

Crappy dedicated server support

I believe this post summarizes it best:

Click to zoom

It’s always sad to see a strong modding community get kicked in the nuts this way. When you limit a PC game from having mod capabilities or even basic admin capabilities you are shooting your game in the foot. Take notes Gearbox.

It’s not finished

The game allegedly has far too many features that are poorly executed. The multiplayer has horrible lag to the point of being unplayable due to poor netcode. The gameplay isn’t satisfying and it’s clunky. A game 14 years in the making should not feel like it was churned out in under a year.

It’s another CoD clone

That’s right. This is the biggest mistake of them all. Publishers and developers really need to stop trying to cash in on the success of Call of Duty with its limited weapons system, regenerating health and linear shooting gallery style of gameplay. Duke Nukem was never any of those things to begin with and they took a huge dump on all of Duke’s fans the minute they tried to conform to the horrible standards that CoD has put in place for the FPS genre.

The graphics suck

It’s perfectly fine that it uses an outdated engine. Duke Nukem has never been about graphics (this isn’t Crysis we’re talking about here) but regardless of whether it uses an old or new engine (even old ones can still look amazing nowadays) the graphics are just plain painful to look at; a good example being the fire effects. They’re horrible by today’s standards. The models are chunky and the lightning is liquid looking and spotty. There is a huge difference between a simple looking game and a bad looking game. DNF simply looks bad; plain and simple.

It’s easy, linear-tastic and not epic whatsoever

Does this need explanation? Watch any gameplay video on Youtube. Duke Nukem is allowed to be somewhat linear but this is just ridiculous. There is no challenge involved whatsoever. You can also see that pkv games are amazing graphics, design and gameplay. It got all the things that you are looking for in a game. The website also offers you wide variety of games. Hence, you will never run out of games to play. So it is really advisable that you check on this game.

The PC version seems to be getting more positive reviews than the console version but at the end of the day the real lesson learned is that you shouldn’t ever take 14 years to release a game. No matter what the reason is, it’s simply not going to be met with open arms by the gaming community like it would have been if it had been released on time.

To be honest, I wasn’t looking forward to it anyway. The Duke Nukem series has always been awesome but I think everyone said their goodbyes years ago when it seemed like this sequel wasn’t coming. Some people will find this game perfectly entertaining, but CoD fanboys won’t and Duke fans certainly won’t. I respect 2K games and always have (they even sent a fan package to one LPer who got a strike on his Youtube account for doing an LP of DNF. They even had the strike removed.) but Gearbox I do not. 3D Realms could have made this game the shining gem among junk it was supposed to be.

X-Box 360 Controller Modding

Alright, so the X-Box Elite came out, and for some reason, the consumer part of me desired a black controller. Jimmers, my roommate, and I discussed the topic, but never in any real detail. That was until the other day when he was looking at modded controllers you can buy off of a site with cool LEDs and such.

I thought a moment and then looked to him and gave him that same smirk I always do when I get in the mood. NOT THAT MOOD YOU SICKOS! I meant the mood to mod. So, I ran upstairs, grabbed my wireless controller, and went about planning what to do with Jimmers.

Well, Jimmers and I knew I wanted a black controller, but not all black, as we were going to leave the piece where the headset plugs into gray, but we decided that was a trivial detail. I knew I wanted the LEDs, and I wanted it bad. So, I decided that we would take the controller apart, and see what we had to work with as far as room went.

One problem, the Wireless controller uses a hexi-phillips screwdriver, one that we didn’t have at the moment, so I walked upstairs defeated, until Jimmers mentioned that maybe the wired controller had regular Phillips, so I checked, and indeed it did!

(The pictures included are separated by four pictures. Each picture is a figure, reading left to right, top to down. Figure 1 is a picture of the typical white wire controller.)

So it would seem we were back in business. Now… to take the controller apart, one must know that there are seven screws on the bottom of an x-box controller. (See Figure 2) There is a small barcode sticker, and beneath it, is the seventh screw.

The sticker is the main part of the controller which serves as proof for the worthiness of X-Box 360 and has proved to be a game changer for Pkv games and is one of the most preferred parts and the screws hold the battery underneath together.



Now… with that said, because frankly I could care less, use a knife to cut the hole where the screw is, or do what I did and remove the sticker entirely. Now, all the screws are visible (Figure 3) and we can take it apart. Once unscrewed, you should get something like Figure 4. And then go ahead and continue gently separating the innards of the controller. (Figure 5) MAKE SURE YOU REMEMBER WHERE EVERYTHING GOES!!!

As you can see in Figure 6, I went outside and set what I wanted to paint out. Let me say now, that if you use plastic die, it turns out much better, and lasts a long time. Spray-paint WILL flake and rub off. But let me save you some time. Painting the triggers is not worth it. As I painted everything black, and realized I didn’t want to paint the triggers because I would have to take the assembly apart.

So… again, let me save you time. I painted the bumpers black… and gave them several coats… then in the end repainted them white. Do not paint the bumpers… leave them be. Instead paint the rest of the case black, like in Figure 7, except paint the D-Pad, and the grey boomer-rang shaped piece from the bottom of the controller white.

I paint several coats and then seal it with a matte clear finish, because honestly everyone seals their works in glossy, and as much as I want this controller to look good, I do not want it looking like you can use it a little.

Whilst the paint dries, and in between coats, Jimmers and I attempted to figure out the LED project. Okay, we used LED’s from a Christmas tree string that he had got, so as far as telling you what voltage they were, or even what resistors they needed, it was a guess on our part. However, never fear you can find places on the internet that tell you what resisters you need and such.

4 white LEDs for this project need a resistor of 22 Ohms, whilst 6 Red LEDs need a resistor of 25 Ohms. We used color specific LEDs, which I recommend, for the buttons. We tested them on a power supply from a computer, hooking the positive wires to the red wire leading to a standard four pin power supply adapter, and the negative to the black wire in the same adapter.

Found out that all the LEDs in one series (Meaning wired all together) would not be powered. So… we split them up, and placed the blue LED for the X button, and the green LED for the center X box logo together, placed the green LED for the A button and the yellow LED for the Y button together, then the Red LED alone.

Now we have three series, two with two LEDs, and one with one. The Yellow and Green series lit up wonderfully, and the Blue and Green series lit up a little dimmer because of the intensity of power needed for the colors, but not badly.

After this, I went outside, and applied the final coat of mat finish, which was my second one, after three coats of black, and I got my finished project. Went back inside, and Jimmy and I worked on a resistor for the single red LED. Now… since it was the only light in that series, we were going to have to dampen the power. You can go online, which is what we did, and figure out, what resistor you need for a red LED. After soldering the resister on, it looked fantastic.

Next, I had to figure out how to light the buttons the way I wanted. So, I took them (Figure 8) and drilled out the center white piece, the plastic that actually hits the button inside the controller, with my dremel, until only the letter was visible at the bottom, still full of whit plastic, but nothing else.

This took time, and patience, as I spent an hour on all four buttons. Now that the plastic was gone, I had to figure out a way to get them to make connection with the button pad inside. So, one site recommended, after wiring, submerging the button in hot glue, which I did after I soldered the wires.

The LED, on the inside, is separated into two pieces of metal. The smaller one is the positive, and the larger is negative, or ground. I wired a positive to one of the series’ LEDs, to the center of the controller, and a positive wire from the negative of the first LED to the positive of the second. Then we wired the ground wire from the negative of the second to the center of the controller.

Likewise with the second LED series, just a different color for the positive wire. With the lone red LED, I cut the positive wire in half, and placed the resistor in the middle of it. Then, I had the ground go to the center of the controller.

First I cut a notch into the side of the button so that the wires can come through without interrupting the buttons function, and remain out of the way.

Then, I placed a little hot glue in the bottom of the button, set the light in, the totally submerged the button. Using the end of an X-acto knife, as soon as I could, I packed down the glue, and then I twisted the handle so the glue came unattached from the bottom of the knife, cleaning it, and doing it all over with the other buttons, five buttons total.

In Figure 9, you can see the wired LEDs, in the glued buttons. Also… you see the wire mess. For the Ground wires, or negative, I used black wires on all the series. For the Positive, or hot wires, I used a different color for each series.

In the Figure 10, you can see I grouped the ground wires, and the positive wires from all three series, and soldered them.

Before putting everything together, I tested the lights on the controller board. The ground wires are going to be soldered on the black wire of the power from the X-Box controller, and the red wire, on the opposite side, was where the positive wires were to be installed. As you can see in Figure 11, it worked. EUREKA!

So, carefully, and very irritated, I placed the controller back together, and then the piece was finished. I had to see if all the buttons worked, as I may have missed something, so I tested it on Halo 3 Beta, and it worked wonderfully. As you can see in the final three Figures, that is my finished product.

Have fun with this mod, it is a lot of work, but totally worth it!

Expert’s Guide for How to Read Poker Tells

With the increase in the popularity of the game of poker both online( with websites like buktiqq) and at physical casinos, everyone is trying to find a way to get an advantage on their opponents. On television, during broadcasts of poker tournaments and the World Series Of Poker, you will see opponents talking to each other. They are trying various ways to read their opponents. It’s not always the person that has the best hand that wins at a poker table. It’s the person who can read their opponents and has a hand that is just good enough to defeat the players that are left in the hand. At other times the key to winning is being able to know that even though you have a great hand that it just isn’t quite good enough. If you can do this, you will save yourself a lot of chips in a poker tournament. The best way to do this is by learning the “tells” of your opponents.

I have been a card player for almost twenty years now. Not all of it has been playing poker. I also play a card game called a bridge. Some view this as the game just played by old ladies. In the end, though, it helps you learn card to play which can help you learn the tells of your opponents in poker. I’ve been playing poker now in home games for five years, and feel I have become very good, if not an expert at reading the tells of my opponents. This comes from developing a strong card sense, and by knowing your opposition. Here are some tips to help players when dealing with many of the basic tells at a poker table.

Study Your Opponents- This is the tip I will give you that you must learn if you want to be successful. If you are at a tournament you won’t have a lot of time to study them ahead of time, because you won’t have time to observe the table before you are seated. Of course, if you have played any of your opponents in the past, try to remember what you know about them. Otherwise, study their betting styles and mannerisms. This means even if you are out of a hand, play close attention to what is going on at the table. Notice what types of hands they talk with, and how they bet holding certain hands. Poker players tend to develop a style and have trouble pulling themselves away from it. If you can discover the styles of your opponents at the table while watching a hand after you have folded you can use that to your advantage. Keep in mind that many skillful players will alter their styles once in a while to throw you off, but if you watch closely you will be able to determine when they are doing this as well. Of course, if you are playing in a money game at a casino, my strongest advice is to watch the table before joining so you have an idea of what styles the players at the table have.

The home game can be an interesting challenge for studying styles. Many players will concentrate on throwing their opponents off, by making unusual bets and plays that differ from their normal style. This is because they play with the same people so often they realize it’s easier for their opponents to learn their style. Regardless of how hard they try to disguise it though, if you watch them closely they will fall into a certain style of play the majority of the time.

Signs of strong hands- There are several tells that are pretty standard that can clue you into the fact that your opponent has a strong hand. If when placing a bet their hand is shaking this is a good indicator of some anxiety. The most common cause of anxiety is having a good hand that they are playing. Another sign of a good hand is if they start counting their chips after being dealt their hand. They are determining how much they have to push the bettering against their opponents. With a weaker hand, the number of chips they have usually won’t matter because they won’t stay very long. A final clue that might tip you off about your opponent having a strong hand is they will look very disinterested. Believe me, just because they only look at their hand once doesn’t mean they don’t know what they have. Odds are it’s a good enough hand it’s easily memorized and they don’t need to see it again to remember it. Especially if they stop looking after the flop or turn, there is a good chance they have flopped the nut hand and are hoping you underestimate their lack of concentration.

Signs Of Weak Hands- Of course there are also signs of weak hands when your opponent is trying to bluff to steal the hand. These are valuable to know because if you can catch them in a bluff you can win big with a moderate hand. Yet, if you are wrong you will lose big. The first tip is fast play quite often indicates a weaker hand. They are trying to indicate a position of strength to chase opponents out. This happens quite often when they are one of the first to bet on a hand. They will quite often become less talkative at the table as well. They don’t want to let you pick up anything from the inflection of their voice. It’s more common for nervousness to show in a voice than confidence, which is why people are less likely to talk with weak hands and more likely with strong hands. The final sign of a weak hand is constantly looking at their hand. They probably are on a draw and are trying to calculate pot odds while determining their number of outs.

Of course, poker isn’t an exact science. The truly skillful players are also aware of all these tells and will reverse them and change their styles several times a game. That is why the first tip is so important. If you know your opponent, then you know their tendencies. Remember, no system is foolproof in poker, but these tips are a good guideline for helping you as a beginning player to learn the common tells that you will see from your opponents at a poker table. I’ve played a lot of hands of poker, and I’ll be the first to admit I’m not always right. The key is to be right more often than you are wrong and you will be well on your way towards becoming an advanced poker player.

Don’t Play the Slot Machines at Casinos – Look Under Them!

Some readers may know that I once dabbled in designing slot machine video theme games and bonus rounds. I actually had Non-Disclosure Agreements with three of the largest slot machine manufacturers in the world. But it was hard work and the paychecks were few and far between.

However, as the technology continued to leap forward at blinding speed, it was just taking up too much time for a freelance outsider to keep abreast of developments in order to produce competitive designs. So I gave it up, and now look at what I’m doing! Now I’m more into situs judi online which is the best online casino website that is out there. You will find some of the best and interesting games including card games, slot machine games, that you can try. 

Nonetheless, I continue to have several friends and associates in that industry and during a recent trip to visit my money in Atlantic City I became aware of the following:

Nearly $20,000 coins, gambling tokens, and even paper currency notes, including a $100 bill, were discovered as slot machines and other gaming paraphernalia were removed from the 79,802 square foot Sands Casino in Atlantic City in 2017 as the property was awaiting a date with the wrecking ball.

The Sands, at Indiana Avenue and Brighton Park, was Atlantic City’s smallest casino. It was purchased on November 17, 2006, by Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. of Las Vegas and, at this writing, is in the process of being demolished to make way for a Las Vegas-style $1.5 billion resort.

The closed casino is part of a complex which once had more than 2,000 people on its payroll, and includes a 623-room hotel and six restaurants. During its lifetime the Sands proffered between 2,100 to 2,450 slot machines and ninety-three table games for patrons. Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack buddies played there.

The bulk of the cache, mostly in loose change ranging from dimes through half dollars, apparently accumulated from overflow spills of full coin catching bins inside the machines with open frame bottoms. The errant change made its way into the narrow space between the sides and bottoms of the machines and the cabinets they sat on (nothing like that ever happened with machines I designed!)

Some coins were also found between the teller counters in the coin redemption booth. Among them were a number of 40% and 90% Kennedy halves, and the speculation is they didn’t fall there but were deliberately dropped there by an employee who intended to eventually retrieve them, but for some reason never got to.

A lesser amount of coins and gaming tokens were found under the carpeting near the elevators in the casino and hotel as well as various nooks and crannies in the property’s six restaurants.

A long-time friend at Harrah’s Casino, and familiar with the Sands operation, told me that despite the widely-practiced industry policy of moving, rotating, and replacing slot machines on a fairly regular basis, the windfall hoard under the slot machines appeared to have escaped detection for several years.

However, he dismissed widely circulating local rumors that the slot machines in the Sands had not been moved in more than 30 years.

“That’s incredible. First of all, the Sands opened its doors as a functioning casino-hotel in Atlantic City 26 years ago. Second, the technological advancement in electronic and video screen graphics, interactive bonus rounds and slots that no longer accept coins, has jumped in leaps and bounds since the mid-1990s. No casino could have operated as long as the Sands did with old equipment. Machines had to be replaced.”

The generation of slot machines that populate casino floors in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, and elsewhere, are a few generations removed from what was state-of-the-art just seven years ago. And those slots, even the “older” ones in the Sands, were generations away from the once-popular mechanical machines. A second casino official pointed out that it would be mind-boggling to think a casino didn’t regularly replace its old machines with equipment offering new styles and advancements.

“So how did all this loot escape detection? Anyone in the business knows that before the era of ‘coinless’ casinos, small amounts of overflow change sometimes slipped between the slot machine’s open frame bottom and the stand or cabinet,” he pointed out.

The ‘coinless’ casino era began in Atlantic City in December 2001, when Park Place Entertainment, at the time owners and operators of Bally’s, Caesars, Hilton, and Claridge became the first area casino to introduce the EZ PayTM paper voucher slot payout technology system.

In June 2003 the New Jersey Casino Commission approved incorporating coinless gaming into Atlantic City’s dozen casinos. Less than a month later the Borgata Casino Hotel opened there and became the first U.S. casino to completely eliminate the traditional use of coins in its several hundred slot machines.

‘Coinless’ slot machines do not pay players with coins. Instead, paper vouchers are ejected from the machine when a player wants to “cash out.”.

Adding further to the mystery of the Sands hoard, players have not been able to purchase coins (or tokens) in Atlantic City casinos for the last few years. All slot machine play is conducted with paper: currency when starting, and casino vouchers when cashing out. The paper voucher cash out system is universally used in Atlantic City and a majority of casinos throughout the country.

The result is that it is very unlikely we will be thrilled by a future Ted Binion-style hoard of $100,000+ in real silver dollars. Binion’s Morgan and Peace dollars came right from the world-famous Binion’s Horseshoe Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas which he inherited from his father.

Actually, that day has already been here for some time. During research for a story about tokens a few years ago, this writer was unable to find a single casino using U.S. $1 coins among the more than 20 casinos contacted. At the time they were all using their own imprinted metal tokens.

Jack Jackson, a former casino executive and Las Vegas history buff explained why casinos turned to tokens:

“The last all silver dollar size coins (Morgans and Peace dollars) virtually vanished from casino play when the U.S. removed all silver from dimes, quarters and halves in 1965 and the price of silver began its climb upward from the $1.29 an ounce where it had been since anyone could remember. There were a few years there when you could still get lucky and find a real silver dollar now and then. But for the most part, they were gone.

“The clad Ike dollar’s short-lived run from 1971-78 did little to meet the demand, but the introduction of the smaller size Susan B. Anthony dollar was the last straw. Casinos went all out and opted for their own, same-size tokens. The thinking was the casinos had to control their own destiny as far as this denomination went and depend on the whim of the government to know if there would be another break in minting the cartwheels, as there was from the last Peace dollar in 1935 till the first Ike in 1971.

Most important, tokens would always be the same size, eliminating the need to retool or adjust slot machines to take whatever size dollar coin the government bureaucrats decided they wanted.”

Jackson said that the use of half dollar tokens came about partially because over the years there has been a lot of talk about eliminating the half dollar coin. “Nobody in the casino business wanted to get blindsided and have to retool their half dollar machines, so some slot machine manufacturers began offering machines that could accept half dollar size tokens.”

Even with the paper voucher system, a limited number of casinos continue using tokens to some degree for various denominations. As of August 2003, Harrah’s, for instance, was the only casino in Atlantic City still using U.S. half dollars in its machines. All others use a half dollar size token. By the end of 2003, The Sands, and all Atlantic City casinos, had totally eliminated the sale and distribution of coins to casino patrons.

Hotel Review: Circus Circus Hotel and Casino Las Vegas

On a recent vacation to the Las Vegas strip, I had the privilege of staying at the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino. Little did I know, my bar of decency would be challenged by an old, rusty, out-of-date room and horrid amenities? Moreover, the casino was not that good as well, this is why I tried 카지노 사이트 추천 which was a much better alternative to the casino there. 

Living in Las Vegas, we rarely actually visit the strip; so, when I planned a recent surprise mini-vacation for my 10-year olds birthday what better choice for the stay than the Circus Circus. This hotel is notorious for its child-like atmosphere and abundant activities. What we found nearly ruined our vacation.

Our first problems started at the check-in lines which were horrendous. After forty-five minutes of waiting in line, we finally checked in and received the key to our modest Manor room with no apologies for the wait. Mind you, we were checking in on a Tuesday. This was not a Friday or Saturday, notoriously busy nights in Las Vegas.

As if that experience wasn’t enough, upon entering our room which was situated across the street from the main hotel, we were punched in the face with the old adage, “You get what you pay for!” The Manor room was booked for right under $54.00 per night and a Super 8 motel offers better amenities. The décor was old, worn and dated. The mattresses on the two queen beds rose only 2 feet from the floor and there were cobwebs and stains on the walls. This room truly was not what I had expected from shiny Las Vegas. We put up with the digs until I tried to bathe my 3-year-olds and found the bathroom fixtures rusted and broken. This final straw led me straight to the front office.

My visit to the front office was a pleasant highlight of the previous events. The office manager was understanding and accommodating even amidst my enraged banter. We were immediately moved to a room in the West Tower which retails for a little more than $100.00 per night for no additional charge.

The main hotel room in the West Tower of the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino was much closer to what I had expected. The décor was clean and refreshing with the slight air of the Circus Circus themes throughout. The bathroom was remodeled with granite countertops and a granite shower stall. The fixtures were bright and shiny and there was certainly no stains or cobwebs insight. The beds were both of normal height and I was finally on vacation.

The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino offers a circus-style atmosphere for the kid in all of us no matter our age. One of the main attractions is the in house circus acts. These acts are all the rage and as a family of kids, we were eagerly awaiting the chance to see a show. We gathered ourselves and headed off to the midway where the circus acts are performed and saw a crowd forming in the stadium seating. We collected our seats and waited for the show. We waited and waited. Oh, and waited, one hour to be exact. A woman behind us even said, “This show better be GREAT!” Finally, the act came to the stage. A woman dressed in velvet and sequins would be performing balancing acts on a circle twenty feet in the air. We were amazed. The act was beautiful for the eight minutes it lasted. Then, the stage was clear and a clock brought out where the act had just stood. Fifteen minutes until the next act. To put it plainly I must quote a patron of the Circus Circus, “You have got to be kiddin’ me!” This trip would have to get better than this.

To finish my review of the Circus Circus let us just say that the time we spent there was full of disappointment. To hit all the main points…

The hotel rooms are older and worn.

You have to pay for great accommodations to get good ones.

Nothing is included in the room price. No food discounts or cool Las Vegas coupons.

The circus acts are lame and overstated.

The midway is fun and energetic but wildly overpriced.

The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV is one hotel I hope to never have to stay with again. I was truly disappointed at every turn and taken aback by the overpriced nature of everything from a cup of coffee to a Krispy Kreme donut. The hotel left me feeling spent in more ways than the obvious and at the end of the vacation I was happy to walk through my front door. The Circus Circus Hotel and Casino barely rate one out of five stars.

Take a Trip: Casino’s Great For a Bad Economy?

Even though the economy is almost in shambles, and falling more and more in trouble as the days prolong the feeling of an inevitable depression. I found some clarity in a slight vacation last weekend. The casinos are only thirty minutes from my new house. Even though it was a Monday night, the urge to get out and have a good time had set in after a long weekend of moving. It ended up being a reminder of just how nice vacation to a casino can be, even in rough times which is why casinos and online casinos like 먹튀검증 are considered to be really good for a bad economy. Well, if you are having second thoughts about that then you can read the following article and see for yourself why these casinos are really effective as you deal with a bad economy.

Gambling isn’t for everyone, but there are ways to look at the trip as more than just throwing your money away at a game that’s made to benefit the company running it. The fact is vacationed in any sense cost money. They aren’t cheap, even a camping trip ends up running up on the bill. There are ways to have fairly inexpensive fun within a casino. Casinos want to keep their customers happy at all costs. They give free drinks while you’re playing, all you have to do is tip your waitress $1 per drink. Anyone who goes to any bar knows that a five drink tab is going to run $50, and who only buys five drinks. You take $40 to a casino table game and if you pick the right one you can make it last for at least 30 to 40 mins without winning a single bet. Even waiting for a seat at a table you get free drinks. At a nicer casino, you will typically get a free comped meal for two if you sit at any table for 30 mins. At dinner, that’s a $30 value. You’ve drunk at least two drinks and got two free meals for $40. I’d say you didn’t really do too much gambling for your money at that point. Sitting at a low limit slot machine, you can play for two hours easily and get a free comp meal for two.

When you go on any vacation, you will spend anywhere from $50 – $150 per night in a hotel. At a casino during the week, shopping around prices you will find a room for $40 per night. And the casinos do not let up any on their costs for their hotels. They provide luxury at any level. Customer satisfaction is number one, especially in a time of a bad economy. Once you’ve stayed a couple of times, the casinos will begin offering you free stays, very cheap flights with stay included packages, and free money to play with when you come back. There is a clear value factor to compare a vacation to a casino as to say a vacation at a beach. They are completely different atmospheres, but the casino trip if the managed right could save anywhere from $150 to $500 dollars, right around 35% of your typical vacation spending. That’s when you’ve lost every time you’ve played. The casino option actually does leave an option for you to come home victorious.

I ended up spending about $80 and had the time of my life. Long Island’s were perfect, not too strong and not too weak. The place was packed, even on Monday. They even had a great bar to sit and watch the game. If you are someone who enjoys the nightlife and interacting in a social atmosphere, the casino will suit you as comfortable and fun. If you are someone who enjoys the luxury of life and service at it’s best, then you will love a vacation to a casino. Make sure it is a popular one, because the nicer the place the better the deals they will be able to give you in the long run.

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