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Phil Ivey- the Best Poker Player in the World

Every day in this country thousands of people play the game of poker. While most people consider this a game of luck this is not entirely true. Yes you cannot really control what cards you will get when you are playing. The thing that separates the best players apart from the rest of the poker playing community is how they play their hands and their betting strategy. Poker is about maximizing the money you get from your opponent each hand. Playing poker in an actual and real world setting is totally different from playing it online agen judi bola because you have to apply real skills and strategies to beat your opponents. So the question is who is the best poker player in the world? There has to be someone who can play this game better than all of their counterparts. Among the poker community if you ask the question there is one name that you will hear more than the rest- Phil Ivey.

Phil Ivey started playing poker as an underage youth in Atlantic City. He became known as “No Home Jerome” due to his fake id stating his name was Jerome and the widely known fact that at one time he was forced to sleep underneath a boardwalk because he did not have enough money for a place to stay. By playing every day Ivey built up his wealth from nothing to millions. He is a common fixture on the highest stakes games in the world. You lives in Las Vegas now and frequently visits China to play some Chinese businessman in the biggest game in the world. At one point Phil Ivey played Texas billionaire Andy Beal heads up with millions of dollars on the table. Over a three day span Ivey won over $16 million dollars off of Beal. Ivey is the owner of eight World Series of Poker bracelets and over $10 million in tournament winnings throughout his career.

So what sets Phil Ivey apart from the rest of the world? This is a really hard question to answer. It is not just one thing that makes Ivey tough. For starters what makes him tough is that he can play any variation of poker and can play them all very well. Most people these days just know how to play No-Limit Texas Holdem, while Ivey is most well known for this variation he has also won World Series of Poker Bracelets in other types of games. Another thing that sets him apart is his love to gamble. He has a total disregard for money and this makes for a great poker player. He is not scared at the poker table and can be very intimidating to play against. Playing deuce-seven like it is pocket aces and making million dollar bluffs there is nothing he will back down from.

For as long as Phil Ivey wants to play the game, he will be the best. He is the most respected and feared player in the game for a reason. If there is anyone who could cross the $100 million dollar career earnings mark it would be this man.

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