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How To Do Backhand In Tennis- Tips and TricksHow to do backhand in tennis? The backhand usually the problem shot for most people after they learn how to do a forehand but it doesn’t have to be.

There are plenty of little things one can do to adjust his stroke to make his backhand as beautiful and accurate as players like Federer, Gasquet, and Nalbandian. I’m going to discuss how to do backhand in tennis with the one handed backhand because it is in my opinion a little more rewarding.

  1. Prepare as early as possible. This means that as soon as you even think the ball will come to your backhand, get your racket back and feet into position using the proper grip which is the eastern backhand grip.
  2. Face sides ways parallel to the sidelines each and every time you prepare and hit the shot. This is because you cannot properly direct the shot where you want if you are facing forward and the natural movement of you hitting arm (assuming you’re right handed) is to hit towards the right or crosscourt. If you’re facing forward, you can very easily hit the ball way out to the right.
  3. Hit the ball slightly in front of your body, not to the side of your body. I cannot express the importance of this one tip enough. Try to make contact with the ball about half a foot to a foot in front of you. If you hit the ball too late (at the side of your body or even further back) you’ll hit the net, if you hit too early (more than a foot in front of you) you’ll hit the ball out. The adopting of the tennis tips at Judi Bola Online will offer effective results to the players. The importance of the tips should be stated to the players for the right implementation of the right tip. The information about the betting table should be correct and accurate with the players to get the benefits.
  4. At the moment of impact you should be leaning into the shot with most or all of your weight on the front foot. This tip helps you generate pace and keeps you balanced while helping to contact the ball in front of you.
  5. Always, always follow through around your shoulder. This ensures that you controlling the ball better and are not hitting the ball weakly.
  6. At the moment of impact slight close your racket face about 45 degrees. This is done very quickly and almost split second by a slight clockwise turning of the wrist. This is probably the most advanced tip I can give. Once you have the basics down you should really try this because it helps you get the ball over the net by just inches which is what you’re aiming for. When you play very high level matches where you hit the ball very hard and flat you’re going to have to clear the net by just a few inches to insure the ball doesn’t go out. This is how you do it.
  7. Keep your wrist locked at the moment of impact. Because the one handed backhand can be so heavy at times people have a habit of hitting the ball loosely because its more comfortable and less heavy. This is fine to do in preparation but at the moment of contact with the ball lock your wrist firmly on the racket to ensure you keep control of the ball.

Practice how to do backhand in tennis at least for one hour every day when weather permits. If you have the luxury of a handball or racketball court in your area to practice how to do backhand in tennis it’s even better because you don’t need a hitting partner. I promise you that within one week of doing this you’ll improve and within one month you’ll wanna thank me.

Hello, I’m Jason Williams and I have been playing tennis for 6 years. I’m ranked as a 5.5 tennis player and I have won many tournaments locally in my area and for my college team. Did you find those tips on backhands useful? You can learn a lot more about how to do backhands and tennis and every other stroke here

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