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Take a Trip: Casino’s Great For a Bad Economy?

Even though the economy is almost in shambles, and falling more and more in trouble as the days prolong the feeling of an inevitable depression. I found some clarity in a slight vacation last weekend. The casinos are only thirty minutes from my new house. Even though it was a Monday night, the urge to get out and have a good time had set in after a long weekend of moving. It ended up being a reminder of just how nice vacation to a casino can be, even in rough times which is why casinos and online casinos like 먹튀검증 are considered to be really good for a bad economy. Well, if you are having second thoughts about that then you can read the following article and see for yourself why these casinos are really effective as you deal with a bad economy.

Gambling isn’t for everyone, but there are ways to look at the trip as more than just throwing your money away at a game that’s made to benefit the company running it. The fact is vacationed in any sense cost money. They aren’t cheap, even a camping trip ends up running up on the bill. There are ways to have fairly inexpensive fun within a casino. Casinos want to keep their customers happy at all costs. They give free drinks while you’re playing, all you have to do is tip your waitress $1 per drink. Anyone who goes to any bar knows that a five drink tab is going to run $50, and who only buys five drinks. You take $40 to a casino table game and if you pick the right one you can make it last for at least 30 to 40 mins without winning a single bet. Even waiting for a seat at a table you get free drinks. At a nicer casino, you will typically get a free comped meal for two if you sit at any table for 30 mins. At dinner, that’s a $30 value. You’ve drunk at least two drinks and got two free meals for $40. I’d say you didn’t really do too much gambling for your money at that point. Sitting at a low limit slot machine, you can play for two hours easily and get a free comp meal for two.

When you go on any vacation, you will spend anywhere from $50 – $150 per night in a hotel. At a casino during the week, shopping around prices you will find a room for $40 per night. And the casinos do not let up any on their costs for their hotels. They provide luxury at any level. Customer satisfaction is number one, especially in a time of a bad economy. Once you’ve stayed a couple of times, the casinos will begin offering you free stays, very cheap flights with stay included packages, and free money to play with when you come back. There is a clear value factor to compare a vacation to a casino as to say a vacation at a beach. They are completely different atmospheres, but the casino trip if the managed right could save anywhere from $150 to $500 dollars, right around 35% of your typical vacation spending. That’s when you’ve lost every time you’ve played. The casino option actually does leave an option for you to come home victorious.

I ended up spending about $80 and had the time of my life. Long Island’s were perfect, not too strong and not too weak. The place was packed, even on Monday. They even had a great bar to sit and watch the game. If you are someone who enjoys the nightlife and interacting in a social atmosphere, the casino will suit you as comfortable and fun. If you are someone who enjoys the luxury of life and service at it’s best, then you will love a vacation to a casino. Make sure it is a popular one, because the nicer the place the better the deals they will be able to give you in the long run.

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