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The Brilliance of Poker Player Daniel Negranu

Have you ever watched poker player Daniel Negranu in action at a poker table. If you are a regular at, you might know a lot about him and other such players.  Daniel Negranu is perhaps the best young poker player in the game right now and I put him right next to Phil Ivey in terms of the best poker players in the game today. It is only a matter of time before either of these two players wins the World Series of Poker. These two men are on a record setting pace as they collect World Series of Poker bracelet after bracelet in each tournament that they place.

Daniel Negranu plays the most interesting and exciting style of poker that I have ever seen. He plays almost every single hand and rarely does he fold before the flop, even if someone at the table raises before the flop is shown. Daniel Negranu believes that he can beat you and that often is the case. No matter what two cards he has, he will play them and beat you. You never know what cards Daniel Negranu is holding because he plays every hand the same before the flop. He will raise will two good cards like pocket Kings and raise the same amount with a 7, 8 off suit.

In addition, he is highly entertaining from a viewer’s standpoint because he talks and thinks out loud. Very often Daniel Negranu knows what his opponent is holding even though he has not seen the cards in his opponent’s hands. Just from the betting that his opponents make and their reactions, Daniel Negranu is able to determine the cards that his opponent is holding. He is able to read when a player is bluffing.

In fact sometimes, Daniel Negranu plays a little cautious because he isn’t totally sure that his instincts are correct. In one hand that Negranu had, he held the bottom pair on the board. He knew that his opponent had nothing but because his opponent went all in on the river, he just couldn’t pull the trigger on a huge amount of chips just in case he was wrong. Had he called his opponent’s bluff, he would’ve gained a huge amount of chips. Yet very often, Daniel Negranu makes these types of reads against his opponents and does make the call against the bluff or he folds his two pair because he knows that his opponent got his third 6 on the river card, or last card.

Daniel Negranu played in the 2006 Tournament of Champions and took down Mike Matisuw who is considered to be one of the best poker players in the game. Unfortunately, he lost to Mike Sexton in the heads up match which went on for quite some time before Negranu went all in, trying to catch a fifth diamond for a diamond flush. He didn’t get the card and Mike Sexton won.

Yet Daniel Negrnau is only 32 years old and if you watch him on television, you can really see the genius at work. He has become one of the best poker players in the game and will only continue to get better.

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